What is live painting?

Live event painting is a unique way to capture not only the memories, but also the mood or ‘vibe’ of your special day. On the day of the wedding (or any other event), I will set up my easel before your guests arrive, and start to capture the scene on canvas. Throughout the evening, I will continue to paint the festivities, adding elements as they happen.
Not only will your guests be entertained by seeing the painting evolve, but you will also have a custom designed painting which will last a lifetime, and can even be cherished by the next generation.

How does it work?

Please contact me to check availability or request a quotation. 

You decide which moment of your special day you would like to capture on canvas. It can be the first dance, the petal toss or even the church ceremony. 

Consultation: at least one month prior the the event, we discuss the content of your painting (style, size, medium, etc), and plan the logistics of setting up at the venue. Communication is key to ensuring I understand what you envision for your artwork, and you are welcome to supply me with pictures of your venue, dress, centerpieces, or anything else you want me to pay special attention to. You can even include a limited number of important guests and family members. 

On the day: I will need access to an electrical plugpoint, water for cleaning up, and possibly a small table, depending on the location and weather. I will set up my easel at least two hours before the event, and start sketching. I will also be taking pictures, which I will use as reference material for refining the details at a later stage. The majority of the painting will be completed during the event (average 3-4 hours), but touch-ups will be made in my studio afterwards. 

Studio: The colours, details and final composition is refined, and small changes can still be made at this stage. Once the painting is completed and dry, the painting is varnished. The canvas can then be hung as is, or framed.

  1. Live wedding painting at Duck point
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