1. Nelson Mandela, pencil
    Nelson Mandela, pencil
  2. Mother and daughter, pencil
    Mother and daughter, pencil
  3. Struggle Heroes, pencil
    Struggle Heroes, pencil
  4. Diego, charcoal
    Diego, charcoal
  5. Bridal couple, charcoal
    Bridal couple, charcoal
  6. Jess, Charcoal
    Jess, Charcoal
  7. custom canvas tryptich
    custom canvas tryptich
  8. A day at the races, pencil
    A day at the races, pencil
  9. Wedding day, pencil
    Wedding day, pencil
  10. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, pencil
    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, pencil
  11. Brothers, pencil
    Brothers, pencil
  12. smiling lady, pencil
    smiling lady, pencil
  13. Megan, pencil
    Megan, pencil
  14. Kevin
  15. little siblings
    little siblings
  16. graduate's parents
    graduate's parents
  17. graduation triple portrait
    graduation triple portrait
  18. teenage siblings
    teenage siblings
  19. Portrait, pencil
    Portrait, pencil
  20. portrait male
    portrait male
  21. Mom and daughters
    Mom and daughters
  22. Three generations
    Three generations
  23. retro couple
    retro couple
  24. Granny